Barn Cat Buddies

Will Mouse in Exchange for Room and Board

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Protocol For Re-homing Friendly Barn Cats

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Protocol For Re-homing Feral Barn Cats

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"I have reviewed the Barn Cat Buddies relocation protocols.

Citing the success of these methods, I frequently use them as a reference for those making inquiries to our group regarding the feasibility of relocating feral cats.

In August, I utilized elements of the
Barn Cat Buddies protocol in guiding a novice caretaker through the process of relocating a small feral cat colony from a hostile residential neighborhood to a safe farm home."

Karen Woods
List owner, Richmond VA Feral Cats Yahoo Group


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Trapping 101 Workshop at the Moneta SML Library

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Also see the links below for additional assistance and insights into the world of ferals, trapping and TNR. We would like to offer our thanks and appreciation to the folks at Neighborhood Cats: The Feral Cat Experts.

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