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Successes from Feral Caretakers

brenda's colony
By Brenda Adkins

My rescue work started with a neighbor who moved away and left behind their unsterilized male and female.

I wasn't aware the female had kittens until she weaned them and brought them to me for food. Of course, I fed them, and one by one took them to the vet to be fixed.

After that a stray showed up, and following that another stray my daughter found. I guess there was an invisible "neon sign" at my house that said "Free food here"!!

I learned about Angels of Assisi and started taking cats there to be sterilized as the vet was getting very expensive.  Next I learned about Barn Cat Buddies and began to learn all about the plight of feral cats. I started working with Diane Novak, and began building my colony two by two.  I gave them a safe haven.  They live on 6 acres at a dead end road with half of it wooded.  It is working perfectly to give them a safe place to call home.

It was then I felt I found my purpose in life.  It is so rewarding!! I CAN make a difference, and so can you.

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